Newton Lounge

An exceptionally inviting restaurant and Jesús the owner with his friendly smile and choice of great background music makes this the ideal place to chill out and enjoy the delicious food on offer. Today rabo de torro ( oxtail) was an addition to the menu and well worth the extra 2 euros. Great chef serving great food which he should be proud of always.


As always, stunning scenery and superb service from wonderful staff. To top it all off today I got to see my friend Pablo with his wife who returned from Oman just one week ago. Was treated to my first tapa by him and hope to see him again before he leaves and then a huge portion of fish which I ate most of before taking the photo. I cannot recommend this place enough.


Newly opened bar in Aguadulce where Macarena, a waitress from Argentina served great tapas. Clean and modern interior. Make sure you have sufficient cash available though as tapas are a tad more expensive than usual. Enjoy yourselves.


Perfect paradise beside the beach. Antonio always makes me feel extremely welcome and the food was as delicious as always. Well worth booking a table for a paella party. Get down to the beach in Roquetas de Mar ASAP and enjoy your freedom whilst the lockdown permits.


A 10,540 step walk to this tiny restaurant beside the beach in La Romanilla is worth it. Roquetas de Mar is back in action and this place serves delectable mini pizzas and you may choose two toppings whilst admiring the joy of families playing on the sand and in the sea. Well worth the walk😀

Victor is a helpful and observant waiter.

Patio Salao

Without a shadow of a doubt, on arrival at Patio Salao yesterday to be greeted by Jésus the owner of the Newton Lounge, as we elbowed each other as a sign of friendship then only to see the radiant smile of Miguelangel, the owner of Patio Salao made me so sure that my tapas experience was going to be delectable. My friend Lee joined me for tapas and we started with John Dory fish called “Gallo Pedro,” which you pay a little extra for but it is so worth it and then I tasted the delectable lemon chicken which was equally sensational. We were about to get the bill when Paul, Lee’s husband arrived, so we settled down for a third tapa and I had cazon which is dogfish.
A wonderful time was had by all and we will be introducing another friend to the restaurant on Tuesday. My utmost thanks to Paul who so kindly offered to pay not just the bill but gave a large tip as the restaurant had been closed so long due to covid 19. A very kind gesture. The place was spotless and hand sanitizer was on the table too for guests to use.

La Cava

During coronavirus bars and restaurants are using barcodes for you to access their menus as this is a far healthier option than touching menus that have been held by others. The food here is exceptional and I particularly enjoyed the pork with the chimichurri sauce which I highly recommend. Tables are at a safe distance and all staff are wearing masks. Just be aware that at this restaurant, as you can see by the bill, you pay for the wine and tapas are not included. However, well worth the money. Pop over and enjoy yourselves.